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Welcome to the 1980’s?

They say everything always comes back in style but I was really hoping some of the 1980’s trends were going to stay dead and buried in the past. However neon, colored denim, crop tops, high waisted shorts, and jean jackets are all the rage right now. Beware of the shoulder pads and tread lightly. Here are 4 staples you should try to incorporate into your fall/winter wardrobe to give you a pop of color and flair and a hint of ’80’s flair!


Colored Jeans- We all know that this trend has been gaining in popularity for a while now, however I honestly thought this was going to die off,  it hasn’t. Colored denim is here to stay. It’s an easy way to jazz up your wardrobe without making a huge dent in your wallet.



High Waisted Shorts- If you’re lucky enough to live in warmer climates where it’s summer all year round, this tip is for you! High waisted shorts are definitely in right now. Take those old mom jeans (in the back of your mom’s closet) and cut them off and you have the perfect “in” shorts!  You can pair the shorts with a cute top and wahlah!, perfect outfit.


Jean Jacket- The jean jacket is the perfect accessory for the cooler weather fall brings. It’s not too heavy and it’s not too light. Pair it with a nice scarf and your colored jeans and you have an instant classic. However a newer twist on the jean jacket is the practical jean shirt. This is one of my favorite trends right now. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a pair of riding boots and you are classic chic.


Honorable Mention

Lace- While lace is a bit dainty, don’t let it’s demure look scare you off. You don’t have to wear a lace shirt and a colored sports bra, but a cute top with a lacy back gives the perfect mix of flirtiness and modesty.

While the ’80’s might be back I hope that not all the style trends come back (remember he big hair and spandex?) What’s your favorite trend that is back in fashion?



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