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Think Before Shopping

It’s important to try to always shop locally and organically whenever possible. The newest “trend” is buying from farmer’s markets. Although Farmer’s markets have been around for ages, recently awareness and the desire to buy locally and organic, have farmer’s markets popping up everywhere. Farmer’s markets are usually available all year (weather permitting) and are sometimes cheaper than the grocery stores. Read on for 6 reasons to support your local farmer’s market.

Freshness – Shopping at your local farmer’s markets provides you with the freshest and tastiest available fruits and vegetables, which have been essentially grown in your backyard. The food has been brought directly to you so there’s “no long-distance shipping, no gassing to simulate the ripening process, no sitting for weeks in storage. This food is as real as it gets—fresh from the farm” says CUESA. Usually produce has been harvested for about 24 hours when compared to weeks at the grocery store.

Seasonal – Different seasons offer a variety of different fruits and vegetables, perhaps some of which you have never even heard about. Some farmer’s markets also offer fresh seasonal flowers, different freshly baked breads or handmade cheeses, made right in your town by your neighbors.

Supporting your local economy – By buying fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market you are actually buying directly from the farms. You are in turn actually supporting the local farms, their employees, families, and helping to stimulate your local economy – all at the same time! According to The Daily Green growers receive less than 10 cents on the dollar for produce at conventional grocery store chains. Think of all the money that is being stimulated in your local economy and staying there.

Healthier for you – “Foods that have been sitting on grocery shelves, or in warehouses, or traveled long distances, suffer nutritionally”, says Marjorie Williams. “Nutritional content is greater with fresh and local foods since they’ve been harvested recently and haven’t taken as long to arrive on one’s plate” she states.

Knowing where your food comes from - Buying your fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market gives you piece of mind. You can sometimes even tour the farm and know exactly where your strawberries were picked. Farmer’s markets produce is typically grown organically or with far less use of chemicals resulting in healthier produce for you.

Fun for the whole family – Make attending the local farmer’s market a fun experience for your whole family. When you are at a farmer’s market you have the ability to connect with local famers and ask for their tips, tricks and favorite recipes. There are even you-pick-farms where you can pick and choose which fruits and vegetables look most appealing to you!

We hope you decide to start stopping by your local farmer’s market before heading to the nearest Publix.

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