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The Perfect Smoky Eye

smoky eye

Have you been craving that smoky-eyed look? Here are the secrets to creating it!

First of all, you need the right products. You’re going to require an eye primer. Eye primer is a transparent layer you put down all over your lid and brow in order to make your powder-based makeup stick to your skin. It ensures truer color saturation, and longer-lasting makeup. You’ll need black eyeliner; either gel or stick. Additionally, you’ll want powder-based shadows in three grey tones: a lighter color for your lid, a middle color for the outer corner and crease, and a dark color for the outer corner. You’ll also want a flat or shimmery white to highlight your brow bone. Finally, mascara to finish.

Start by putting down a layer of primer. You want a thin layer that’s applied evenly; use a concealer brush to help you get just the right amount of coverage.

Now take a moment to line the “waterline” of your eye. The waterline is the small bit of skin between your eyelashes (both top and bottom) and the wet portion of your inner lid. This can take some practice and feel uncomfortable, but don’t worry. Relax and take things slow. If you wind up with a line that’s slightly too thick, use a Q-tip and a dash of olive oil to remove the excess makeup.

Lay down a coat of your base color all over the entirety of your lid. Make certain that your coverage is even.

Using the medium color, draw sideways “v” shape starting at the outside corner of your eye and folding into the crease. You’ll want to then blend the color all through your crease (the crease actually extends slightly higher than you may think). To test if you have enough color, open your eye. If you see a fine dusting of medium color surrounding the upper portion of your lid, then you’ve blended in the correct area.

With the darkest color, place a tiny tab in the outside corner of your eye and blend into the crease. You’re using this to create gradient, so ensure that the darkest portions of color pop at the very center of where you placed the middle-range color.

Blend the white between your crease and brow, and place a tiny dot in the inside corner of your eye.

Finish with mascara, and you are good to go!

~Danielle R.

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