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Is it Time to Toss your Makeup?

Makeup just like any other product has an expiration date.  Currently the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to list the expiration dates on their beauty products, however a few companies do! It is a good idea to keep a list of when you bought your favorite eyeshadow or lipstick. To help keep track you can write in sharpie on the ingredient list the month and the year. For instance if you bought an eye shadow in March of 2013 write 3/13 on the back of the container to easily keep track of when you bought your products.

It is important to keep in mind the expiration dates of your makeup because it can cause some major problems. Expired makeup can cause infection, breakouts, pink eye, skin rash, and even skin sores. Everyone is guilty for holding onto their favorite products for a little too long but once you read how short the expiration dates are on some of your favorite beauty products it might be time to give your make up bag a good “spring cleaning”.

Foundation.  3-6 months.

Concealer. Depending on the type of concealer you are using depends on the shelf life of the product. If you are using a wand concealer it can last for about 6 months however stick, twist-up tubes, or compact concealers can last up to 12 months.

Powders and Eye shadows. You should only keep these products for a maximum of one to two years. The reason you can keep these makeup products a little bit longer is because you are normally using make up brushes to apply these products which helps eliminate some bacteria. You still have to clean your make up brushes (check below for how often they have to be cleaned).

Lipstick and Lip gloss. Keep your lipstick for a maximum of one year. Holding onto your lipstick longer than a year can lead to lip sores and lip ulcers.

Eye Liner. Keep your eye liner for a maximum of one year.

Mascara. Do not keep your mascara longer for 4 months! With the frequency this product is used and the close proximity of your eye, when used longer than 4 months it can cause pink eye and eye infections! Also do not pump your mascara (it exposes the mascara to air) but swirl your mascara instead.

Nail polish. Nail polish should generally only be kept for 12 months. I know of many people that keep their nail polishes longer than that but the chemicals in the nail polish can cause skin damage if kept too long.

Brushes. Makeup brushes should be cleaned daily however they should be cleaned at least monthly.

Do not forget that you should never share makeup, especially mascara. Also if you develop any eye infections or pink eye you should throw away your eye shadows, liners and mascara so you do not run the risk of reinfecting yourself.

As always, Stay Blossy.

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