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How to Make Your Hair Healthy, Shiny and Happy

healthy hairYour hair is one of your greatest accessories; you can color it, cut it, style it and more – but your daily regimen could be causing irreparable damage to your locks. In order to keep your hair healthy, shiny and in great shape, it’s important to ensure you are properly taking care of each and every strand. Here are some tips on attaining, and maintaining, healthy hair.

If you have severe split ends, consider a visit to your stylist for a cut. Split ends don’t repair themselves and can cause problems higher up your hair shaft. Your hair should be trimmed regularly to avoid split ends – we recommend a trimming schedule between 6 – 8 weeks in length.

Once you’ve removed split ends, which will prevent your hair from healing itself, the next step is to restore your hair’s natural youthful and vibrant bounce. Your diet is an essential part of maintaining healthy hair; your hair is a living part of you and as such, it needs nutrients just as much as you do. Remember to eat a well balanced diet, and drink plenty of water.

A common misconception is that frequently washing your hair (with either high-end shampoos or drugstore brands) will help repair your hair. The truth is that over washing will strip important natural oils away, which your hair needs to protect itself from the sun and other exterior forces. This will cause your hair to become dry and brittle. If you have very oily hair, you may wish to consider some dry shampoos in place of washing your hair.

Another tip is the be careful of over styling your locks. Heat from hair straighteners, wands, curling irons and blow dryers can all cause your hair to dry out and become overly brittle, leading to easy breakage. Even the tools you use could be stretching or breaking your stands. Be careful not to brush your hair while wet, or tie it in a ponytail until your hair has fully dried.

Last but not least, remember to rehydrate your hair to add back in essential oils and moisture. A good way to rehydrate your hair is through deep conditioning treatments, hair masks and hot oil treatments.

In summary, remember to:

  • Trim your hair regularly to remove split ends
  • Eat a well balanced diet
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid over washing and over styling your hair
  • Add essential oils and moisture with hair treatments.

Follow these easy tips and you will have gorgeous hair everyone envies as little as a few months.

~Anne M.

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