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Going Gluten Free – It’s Easier Than You Think

492683765Have you noticed a growing trend toward a gluten free diet lately? It used to be that only those with gluten intolerance or diagnosed Celiac Disease stuck to a gluten free diet.

Why gluten-free?

Numerous recent studies have shown that the wheat we eat today is not the same wheat our parents ate. Scientists have cross-bred and modified wheat to the point where it no longer holds any nutritional value. In addition, it is widely believed that the majority of us have a sensitivity to gluten, and that most cases of Celiac Disease remain undiagnosed.

A gluten-free diet has been touted as a way to take better care of the digestive system and improve neurological function.

So what is a gluten-free diet like?

It may be easier than you think to cut gluten out of your diet. Here are some easy gluten-free meal suggestions and substitutions to get you through your day gluten-free.


Breakfast foods with gluten

  • cereal
  • waffles
  • pancakes
  • oatmeal (oatmeal is not recommended on a gluten-free diet)
  • toast, english muffins
  • French toast

Gluten-free breakfast

  • eggs
  • fruit
  • yogurt
  • ham/ breakfast meats
  • potato/ hash browns


Typical lunch with gluten

  • sandwich
  • macaroni and cheese
  • cream soups

Gluten-free lunch

  • lunch meat “roll ups” and lettuce wraps
  • salads
  • broth based soups


Dinner with gluten

  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Hamburger on bun

Gluten-free dinner ideas

  • Rice bowls
  • Quinoa salads
  • Meat, potato and a salad
  • Stews

And for dessert?

Popular sweets with gluten

  • cookies
  • cakes/ cupcakes
  • pies

Gluten-free dessert options

  • ice cream
  • Italian ice
  • candy
  • chocolate covered fruit

As you can see, there are many ways to go gluten-free. You don’t have to buy special foods if you don’t want to. There are an abundance of readily available, every day foods that can contribute to a healthy gluten-free diet.

Take a 30 day gluten-free challenge

Are you interested in finding out if you will feel better on a gluten-free diet? Do you want to test the claims of better digestive and neurological function? Take a thirty-day gluten-free challenge. Use the gluten-free ideas listed here to do your meal planning for one month. At the end of the month try eating a bowl of cereal or pasta and see how you feel. It’s easier than you think and you’ve got nothing to lose. You may find a gluten-free diet makes you feel better than you thought you could!




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