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Enjoy Being Single on Valentine’s Day

The holiday season might be over but there’s a new holiday looming on the horizon. Valentine’s Day. For some it’s called Singles Awareness Day or even Hallmark Day (5% of all gifts will take the form of a greeting card). According to Statistic Brain, consumers spend roughly $13.19 billion on Valentine’s Day. The average amount individuals spends on Valentine’s Day ends up being about $116.21. That’s a lot of money being shelled out. Don’t forget our beloved pets, about $367 million is spent every year on our pets.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down and have you feeling blue. If you don’t have that significant other you don’t have to have Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day) alone. There are a ton of ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day alone or with a bunch of your girlfriends. We’ve come up with some fun ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, with or without a beau.

Treat Yourself. Go for a spa day or a much needed manicure-pedicure. You should treat yourself to a much needed facial and massage too.

Get out of town. If Valentine’s Day really makes you sad and lonely, hit the road and visit some friends. Get out of town and visit some friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

Relax. There’s nothing wrong with renting a couple of movies or curling up on the couch with Netflix and a huge tub of popcorn. In fact I almost prefer it!

Go out on the town. Grab a couple of your close girlfriends and head out on the down. Stop at some bars, try karaoke, or even go bowling (you’ll all bond over how horrible you are). If you’re feeling blue there’s nothing better than getting out of the house and having some girl time. On the other hand, you can invite the party back to your place and have a “Girls Only” party. Have everyone bring their favorite dish and a bottle of wine.

Go shopping. Buy yourself those jeans you’ve been dying over or those fabulous heels you have been ogling for months.

Head to the pharmacy on the 15th. Congratulations, you’ve survived Valentine’s Day! To celebrate head to your local pharmacy for 50% off all candy, chocolates and Valentine’s Day mementos. You can stock up on chocolates for the next 364 days.

 If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. In fact about 51 percent of women are living without a spouse. You don’t have to beat yourself up over and get yourself worked up in a tizzy over being single this Valentine’s Day. Although you should definitely spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day, try not to over indulge yourself. You don’t want to beat yourself up over eating that whole box of chocolates and ruin your New Year’s Resolution of losing weight.

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