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Easy Tricks To Boost Your Low Self-Esteem Fast!

happy-self-esteem-woman-smileNo one has perfect self-esteem. Not even the most gorgeous models or athletes out there. Self-esteem is a tricky thing, let me tell you right now. One could even say that it’s a bit of a myth, like the unicorn of the personality.

We all have those days when we feel like digging a hole under our rooms and staying there all day. Personally, that was all of high school for me. But now I’m pretty much all set thanks to many many many things. Boy where do I even begin? The thing is, some people are still struggling and just don’t know what to do.

Well, that’s exactly why I decided to do this article, girl… or boy! I have quite a few tricks under my sleeve on how to destroy your low-esteem for once and for all. Kill it. Murder it. And how to rebuild your new and improved healthy self esteem.

One of the easiest ways to build self-esteem immediately is to think of something little you can do. It can be something as simple as cleaning your room, or organizing your desk. Once you do it, however, you will have proven to yourself that you are good at that one little thing. From there you can use your little confidence boost to tackle slightly more daunting tasks, like writing that paper or finishing up that project you started weeks ago.

Procrastinating will lead nowhere, honey. Wallowing in your own pain, never finishing your tasks, leaving everything for tomorrow, is only going to make you feel useless, unworthy, miserable. So do exactly the opposite.

Many self-esteem issues are connected to appearance, especially in high school. Don’t tell me you don’t still remember those geeky days where you used those horrible bangs and brackets and people called you “Betty La Fea”. I was the skinny girl with pimples and glasses, and that was my personality according to my classmates until graduation day.

Then I started working out, and boy did I felt the results! Trust me, it was worth it. Now I got legs for days, muscle I earned. That’s why exercise is good for you for so many different reasons. If your body doesn’t make you feel good, starting an exercise routine will help you see that your body is strong and you can take care of yourself. And that’s how I feel now, in control. Empowered. Strong.I’m basically iron-man…or erm…iron-woman.

If you don’t already dabble in something creative, you might want to think about it. Girl you got nothing to lose! Writing, drawing, painting, playing music, acting, and all of those lovely art forms are excellent confidence boosters. Doing something creative allows you to connect with your inner self and express what you truly feel. Studies have shown that art and music therapy work wonders with patients who have all types of mental disorders, so imagine what art or music could do for you.

It can be as simple as picking up a pen and writing a short poem, or as extravagant as painting a mural. You will be taking what you find inside of you and creating a tangible expression of it, and that is something to be proud of.

A simple exercise that increases confidence is to write down a list of things you are good at and positive qualities that you think you possess. Many times people with self-esteem issues only see the negative aspects of themselves and completely overlook their amazing personal qualities.

Write this list and look at how long it is, because it will definitely be long. If you are ever having an especially rough day, you can look back over it and remind yourself that you are more than your flaws.

Self-esteem isn’t something that changes overnight, but working on it a little bit each day will do wonders in the long run.

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