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Coffee Seems To Ruin Everything: Here’s Why

coffee-art-cup-latte-sad-faceCoffee. That dark, bitter and delicious beverage that helps you get out of bed every morning. You two had a good run, but it’s time to say goodbye. Your relationship has long stopped being healthy, and what was once a beautiful thing turned into a horrible, codependent mess. It’s time to let go. I know it hurts, but it’s worth it. Here are some amazing benefits of cutting coffee out of your life.

First things first: breaking the addiction. You read that right, addiction. It’s no secret that caffeine is addictive, but we usually don’t treat it the same as other drugs. “Needing your coffee to function” is seen as normal, but have you stopped to think why? Relying on coffee to gain that extra boost of energy changes your brain chemistry as you develop a tolerance for caffeine. With time, you form a dependency for the substance and end up feeling that drowsiness, moodiness and lethargy unless you have your daily brew. That’s right, coffee lied to us, we started drinking it to feel a boost of energy, but ended up needing it to go back to our normal levels. Not cool coffee, not cool.

Another reason to cut that lying bastard out of your life: lower levels of stress. Yup, caffeine increases your levels of catecholamines, your stress hormones and stimulates the production of adrenaline, which will make you feel anxious. Not only that, but it will also raise your blood pressure and heart rate, making you feel strained and even restless. Oh yeah, caffeine won’t even let you sleep well at night, because it stays in your system for up to six hours. Geez, coffee, be more clingy! This means that a cup of coffee with friends in the afternoon will result in a night of fewer hours of sleep. And of worse quality too!

An unexpected benefit of kicking coffee’s clingy butt to the curb is that you will look better. Even if it hurts to let it go at first, stopping your coffee habit will make you smile more in the end. Coffee stains your teeth and erodes their enamel, which causes corrosion and cavities. So, for a white and healthy smile, don’t have that last cup. But that’s not all, because when you end your relationship with coffee, you will live every divorced person’s dream. You will lose weight. Think about it. It is unlikely that you drink your coffee black, you probably add milk, cream, sugar or maybe ten pounds of powdered chocolate and vanilla syrup, I’m not judging. If you stop drinking coffee, you’ll stop consuming all those empty calories that are adding up the pounds without you even noticing.

I’m sorry coffee, we had a good run, but it’s just not working anymore. It’s not us, it’s you. So long, and don’t come back!

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