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Bring Colorful Hair Into The Fall Season



The fall season is packed full of green and brown hues. So why not infuse a pop of color into it. How? You simply add some temporary color to your hair of course. A lot of celebrities are doing it. Let us join them. The great thing about using temporary hair color dye is that if you get tired of one color then just wash it out and change it. The hair colors come in the form of dyes or hair chalks.

You can even base your whole wardrobe around your new found hair color. Hot pink hair can go great with a simple Lolita look. Electric Blue hair is great with gothic-grunge attire.

Some of the products you can look for that celebs are using are: L’Oreal Professionnel   Hair Chalk, Dippity Do Colorpop, The Body Shop Hair Chalk, and Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup just to name a few.

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup is great for those of us with dark hair. With this product you can just dye one strand of hair to make a small statement or dye random strands at different levels to get a cool layered effect. Katy Perry, Vannessa Hudgens, and Rihanna have been seen rocking the colored strand behind the ear look recently. Be the rocker in your friend circle. The great thing is that the product uses a sponge applicator to easily apply the color to your hair. It comes in red, coral, green, purple, and pink.





Dippity Do Colorpop is a rub on powder for the hair that comes in colors like Purple and Floral Coral. Celebs like Kaley Cuoco and Ashley Tisdale have been known to use this product. You just rub it on and decide how light or dark you want the hair color to be. It only takes one shampoo to get rid of it.

Body Shop Hair Chalk, which comes in pink or bold blue, is going to be my go to product when I want to dye my hair pink. First Pink, the singer, got me hooked on having pink hair. Now her pink hair is like a gentle rose color. Apply some of the hair chalk and the trick to keeping it in longer is to apply some hairspray to it.

L’Oreal has 8 different colors you can choose from like coral sunset or first date violet. The texture is not chalky, and it does not bleed onto your clothes. Plus it washes out after 2-10 shampoos depending on your hair type. Recently Kylie Jenner has been seen rocking the blue ocean cruise color. How did she do it since her hair is naturally dark? Well…you need to bleach the tips or length of hair you wish to color. This way the new bright color can shine through.

You can always go to Ricky’s or Spencer’s and purchase the color hairspray cans. But if you are going to be adventurous and rock a new hair color for a while, do what the celebs do…have a hairstylist do it for you.

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