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Best Hair Styles for Your Face Shape

face shapesA hair cut can be a bold move, and make a variety of statements. Deciding on the type, and length, of cut to get can be a nerve wracking experience. While there are a variety of tools out there that can help you predict how you might look with a certain style, there is no true way to know how you’ll look until your hair has been irreversibly snipped.

However, there are some general rules when it comes to choosing a style that can make your hair choices a success. The shape and length of your face can play an important role in how your hairstyle looks.

Round Faces:

Round faces include wide cheeks and soft features. If you have a round face, choosing a layered hair cut will look great. If you have longer hair, try to create a bit of an a-line so the eyes have something to follow. Rounder faces should avoid bangs as this can make your face appear shorter, and as a result more round.

Oval Faces:

Oval faces are lucky in that they can rock nearly any hairstyle. Short hair in particular looks great on oval faces. Haircuts that add width and include layers can draw attention to your cheekbones and other features. The only thing oval faced beauties should be careful of is adding a lot of volume near the top of the head.

Heart Shapes Faces:

Heart shaped faces are a bit wider at the top and angle down to an adorable pointed chin. Heart shaped faces look great with bangs, and can easily pull off a variety of lengths. Most bang styles will work well on heart-faced ladies, including full bangs or side-swept bangs that frame the face.

Square Faces

Square faces are wider in length and have angular features – generally a strong jawline. Layers work great on square faces as this accentuates your positive, angular features. Since square faces already have strong features, we recommend avoiding styles that have severe angles, such as the A-Line, as this can make your face appear boxy.

In the end, it’s helpful to find a good stylist who can look at your face, discuss your options and make recommendations you may not have thought of. If you decide to bring in a few pictures of styles you like, be sure not to expect your style to look exactly like the photo, as everyone’s hair and face shape is unique. Your stylist should be able to direct you to the most suitable style for you.

~Anne M.

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