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6 Ways to Relax and Slow Down

With our overuse of smart phones, tablets and laptops, it seems we’re almost always running at a frantic pace and are constantly “plugged in.” Instead of rushing through your day, try stopping for a moment to be present and conscious for the sake of your mental health and those around you. Let your rhythm slow you down so that you can relax. Here are six specific things to try:

Drive ten miles per hour slower. Most of us drive fast, even when we have no need to be in a rush. Slow down, take a new route or simply take more notice of landmarks along the existing route you usually take.

Sit in the driveway briefly before entering the house. Give yourself a minute or two and take a deep breath before you entering the house after work or running errands to greet your kids or husband. Don’t bring a bad mood from a demanding boss or rude sales clerk back to your family.

Pause for a minute before eating. Saying grace or just sitting quietly for a minute before eating reminds us to appreciate our meal and actually take note of all the great flavors instead of just inhaling it (which isn’t healthy for our digestive systems either).

Shower after work. Jump in the shower for just a minute or two after work, to wash away the cares of the day and allow you to “leave it behind” for the evening.

Let a few rings go by before answering your cell phone. This may be a challenge, but try it. Most people rush to answer, which prolongs and perpetuates a hectic mood.

Honor processes themselves. Whatever task or activity you undertake, do just one thing at a time, do it well, and allow yourself a sense of accomplishment before you move on.

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