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6 Best Beauty Gift Sets To Give To Someone You Really Adore


The last minute shopping disease has affected many of us once or many times. The holidays always know how to ruin your perfect gift shopping list by magically adding 4 more people to it. If you are like me during the holidays then you do not have time to spend looking for a specific gift. Those last minute loved ones (um-hum) are going to get a gift set. It is a great stop, run in, no questions asked gift. Plus it is wrapped.

Here are some great beauty gift sets to gift this holiday season.

Orange Ginger Aromatherapy Gift Basket ($49.99): Find it at Bath & Body Works. This basket is great for a female or male. It is an energy based basket which included a shower gel/foam bath, body lotion, scrub w/wooden scoop, and body cream. We all need a bit of energy this holiday season.

Glazed Apple Tin of Treasures ($14.00): Get it at The Body Shop. It is already wrapped too. All the goodies are inside a silver apple.


Avon Gilded Treasures Makeup Set ($39.99): A great mix of makeup colors. The set is available at avon.com. It looks like a jewelry box too, so it can trick the makeup lover.  It comes with 16 eyeshades, 3 lip-glosses, 5 blushes, eye-liner, a bronzer, a mirror, and 4 brushes. All it is missing is a makeup artist.

Butter London ‘Luxe Rock’ Nail Set ($65.00): Get it at Nordstrom, honey. First of all the box is so damn elegant. When you open it, the under lid part is exquisite with beautiful art work. Then you have 12 amazing nail polish colors to choose.

Sexy Little Things – Tease Sequence Bag ($36.00): Victoria’s Secret offers this gift set. It is basically the great party-ready bag. You get something for the body, the lips, a perfume, and hair serum. The Strawberry Fizz lip-gloss it to die for. It all comes in a silvery sequence clutch bag that is great for any party.


Sephora’s Favorite Superstar Set ($75.00): This is at Sephora. A great gift set to purchase because of the entire collection of things you get. Every beauty category is taken care of: from mascara to hair serum. Great for the person you do not know what they like. You can also put one of each item into stockings a stuffer gifts.

I hope you will bring a smile to someone’s face by giving them one of these amazing sets.

Hell…while you are at it, get one for your damn self. Just because they are beauty gift sets, it does not mean that you cannot gift one to the guys. Just make sure you put the right name tags on them.

See how easy it is to go shopping for holiday gifts at the last minute. You get great beauty items for a great deal. Just do not try to take something out of a gift set for you. They will find out. Plus that is so not Christmas-like of you.

Put a smile on your face and head to the mall. Those beauty gift sets are waiting for you.

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