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11 Tips To Liven Up Your Makeup Brushes

cleaning-brushes-cup-makeup-tipsApplying makeup flawlessly is thanks to the use of your makeup brushes. How often do you wash them? If you said once, then you are lazy. You need to wash your brushes at least 5 times a month. Why? Your makeup brushes carry dead skin cells, hair, sweat, makeup residue, and it might even have bacteria. Now you see why. The last thing you want is for your brushes to cause your flawless face to breakout. Now you may be saying to yourself that makeup brushes are expensive. You are right, and so are dermatologists.

There are two ways to revive your makeup brushes. One – buy new ones. Two – read the article.

Here are some tips on how to bring those brushes back to the makeup world.

Tip 1: Think of brushes as if they were your hair. (Well, they actually are made of natural animal hair.) If left unwashed for day, you cannot even style your hair. How do you expect a dirty brush to do its job?

Tip 2: Wash them at night. It will give them plenty of time to dry for you to beautify yourself in the morning.

Tip 3: Make sure you clean them good. No one likes a half-assed clean makeup brush. I leave my tough to clean makeup brushes soaking in brush cleanser for no more than two minutes. The bristles will fall out if left soaking for too long.

Tip 4: Brush cleanser is handy to have. It is a quick way to clean a brush if you need to change makeup colors.

Tip 5: Wash them like you would your own hair (leave out the conditioner part). The only difference is that you let them dry on a paper towel with the bristles hanging off the edge. Why? It will keep the makeup brushes shape.


Tip 6: Do not use baby shampoo. That is for weak ass brushes.

Tip 7: If a brush is too grimy, then wash it at least two times.

Tip 8: If the brush is still too grimy after the second wash then there is no hope in reviving it.

Tip 9: 96 % alcohol is great to fix dry dull brushes.

Tip 10: Wash the brushes at least once a week to avoid buying new ones.

Tip 11: Make it a routine.

I hope you learned something from this and did not just brush it off. Makeup brushes are a main ingredient in the beautifying world. Of course other people will look better than you because they clean their brushes nightly. You do the same. One thing I learned from this is that squirrel hair brushes drive me nuts.

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