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10 Easy Ways To Store Your Beauty Products


I love to purchase a lot of beauty products especially when they are on sale. Plus I get many beauty products as gifts. The problem I have, other than people coming over and wanting to take them, is not having any space to put them away. Organizing over 1,000 makeup products can be tough because some are small, and some are big. Then you have all the different types of products to deal with.

Get to thinking outside of the box to put things inside of one.

Here are some creative and easy ways to store your beauty products.

  1. Spice Up Your Life: I do not cook much and the only spice I use is takeout, so I used a spice rack to hold up my perfume bottles.
  2. Bookshelf Couture: Who needs books when you have an e-book reader? Use the bookshelf to display your extravagant beauty products.
  3. Not Your Usual Case: Re-use your old school pencil case to store your makeup that is in slim tubes like your mascara, eyeliner, and makeup pencils.
  4. My Flower Is A Brush: Full a clear medium sized vase with a mixture of beans (to give it an exotic vibe). Voila! Now you have a place to stick your brushes.
  5. Separate Yet Together: Use drawer dividers to make a dresser draw full of makeup look immaculate.
  6. Magnetic Attraction: You can also put a metal sheet on the wall. Frame it or keep it industrial looking. Now glue magnets to the back of your beauty products. Place them on the metal sheet and have fun organizing them. It is like magnetic poetry.
  7. Hanging Around: I love using the hanging shoe organizer that you hang on the back of the door. Use that for big bottles, hair brushes, sprays, and makeup wipes.
  8. Magazine Holder: Great for your hot hair tools. Make sure they are cooled before you put them back.
  9. No Cookie For You: Nail polishes fit nicely in a cookie jar. Plus it looks cute. Use a clear cookie jar or candy jar.
  10. Jewelry Tree: They are normally used to hang necklaces and bracelets. Use them or your hair accessories.

Hopefully you will find some of these organizing tips useful. I do not want to see you on an episode of Hoarders because if I do, then I will be on the next flight to snatch up some of that excess beauty product. Why can I have it and you can’t? I use it. The next time you go out to but a new lipstick, makeup brush, perfume, cream, or hair accessory, ask yourself, “Do I have the space?” If the answer is no then give it to me.


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